pH/EC/TDS Meters & Solutions

Blue Lab Combo Meter, Bluelab Commercial Truncheon, Bluelab Guardian Monitor, Bluelab Nutrient Probe Cleaning Kit, More...
Control Wizard Products
Accurate pH 7 and Accurate pH 8, Control Wizard 1382 Calibration Solution
CWP Instruments
E.C. Dipstick, TDS Wand
Earth Juice
Earth Juice Natural pH Controller Up & Down
EC Shake
EC Shake Nutrient Meter
Future Harvest Development
EC/pH/Temp Continuous Monitor, Nutradip CMS pH METER, Nutradip CMS PPM Meter, PPM/pH/Temp Continuous Monitor, More...
General Hydroponics
General Hydroponics pH Control Kit, General Hydroponics pH Test Kit, GH Meter Calibration Solutions, GH pH Down Liquid & pH Down Dry, More...
Green Air Products
GAP Calibration Tri-Pack Solutions, GAP Electrode Cleaning Solutions Model ECS-T8, GAP pH Calibration Kit, GAP pH Electrode Storage Solutions, More...
Hanna Instruments
Hanna 1500PPM & 1413 uS-CM Calib. Solutions, Hanna Batteries For PH-TDS Pens 12 Pack, Hanna Combo Tester With Low Range EC, Hanna DiST 5 Waterproof Tester, More...
HM Digital
Digital Waterproof Combo Meter COM-100, HM Digital Handheld TDS Tester Model TDS-3, HM Digital In-Line Dual TDS Monitor Model DM-1, HM Digital TDS Calibration Solution, More...
Martini pH55/Temp Tester and Probe, Milwaukee Instruments pH Monitor Model SMS110, Milwaukee Waterproof TDS Tester [model T76], pH Tester Model pH600 AQ, More...
Oakton Meters
Oakton Double Junction pHTestr 10, Oakton Double Junction pHTestr 30, Oakton EcoTestr pH1, Oakton EcoTestr pH2, More...
Rapitest 4 Way Analyzer Model 1880, Rapitest Mini pH Tester Model 1815, Rapitest pH Soil Tester Model 1612, Rapitest Soil pH Meter Model 1840, More...
Sunlight Supply, Inc.
24-7 Nutrient Monitor
Technaflora pH Up and pH Down

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